Researcher / Computer Engineer / Penetration Tester

After graduating from Beykent University B.S. Computer Engineering, I graduated from Yıldız Technical University Master’s MBA program. I also completed the business license program. I have specialized in penetration testing , Web Application Security , Red Team , Wifi Security , Network Security and Mobile Security.

Now, I have been working as a Security Test Specialist (Penetration Tester) at Turk Telekom Group.
My working area is Red-Team Operations, Penetration Testing, Application Security, Malware Analysis, etc… in my current role. I also provide consultancy services to companies.

Apart from the practices of our company, I provide coordination of consulting firms. I play an active role in the services we provide to companies.

Currently, I hold OSWP and CEH (Master-Practical-v10 )certifications & more than one CVE’s.

Besides I am actively attending on Bug Bounty & Responsible Disclosure programs. I have published some vulnerabilities for products of globally known companies like Apple , Samsung , SAP , HPE , Oracle , LG , SOAP.ui , Tiktok , Nokia , Comcast Telekom , T-Mobile , Ford , Pinterest , Toyota , Cisco , Huawei , Lenovo , Atlassian JIRA , AliExpress , Global Universities , EC-Council , Symantec , Alcatel-Lucent etc.. I have taken part of getting actions to fix those vulnerabilities.

2020 – Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK)
2020 – Offensive Security Wireless Attacks (WiFu)
2019 – Blackhat USA 2019
2019 – Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)v10 Online Training
2019 – Python Training
2019 – Wifi and System Pentest Training
2019 – Malware Analysis Training
2019 – Mobile Application Pentest Training
2018 – PCI DSS Processes
2018 – Practical Network Security Training
2017 – Linux / Unix Bases
2017 – Thales HSM Hardware Security Module
2017 – White Hat Hacker Training
2016 – CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate)
2016 – Java/Android Programming
2015 – Microsoft Certified Systems Developer
2014 – Microsoft Certified Expertise In Web Software Programming

2020 –
Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP)
2020 –
C|EH ( Certified Ethical Hacker ) Master-Practical-v10

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Twitter: @omurugurrr
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Yıldız Technical University Master of Business Administration – 2016-2017

Accounting management, Strategic marketing, Modern Business, Organizational behavior, Statistical Analysis Techniques for Operators ,Electronic Commerce and Internet Marketing,Business Law,Intellectual Capital Management,Financial Decision Making,Principles of Production Management.I am a graduate with a diploma of 3.40


Beykent University Computer Engineering – 2011-2016

I got English Success at Intermediate level by taking Preparatory Training for 1 year before departure. I am a graduate with a diploma of 2.60 from my undergraduate studies by taking courses that constitute the bases of computer science and software technologies such as Algorithms, operating systems, data structures and discrete mathematics.


 Anadolu University – Business Administration – 2011-2019

I am a graduate with a diploma of 2.33

Work Experience

Turk Telekom – Security Test Specialist (02.01.2019 –, Istanbul-Umraniye)

Turk Telekom – Security Test Ass. Specialist (10.10.2016 –31.12.2018 , Istanbul-Umraniye)

JOY Group Organization  – University Coordinator (2013-2016 , Istanbul – Mecidiyeköy)

Saha Agency (18.06.2012 – 2015  , Istanbul – Gayrettepe )

Internship Experience

Kafein Consulting & Solution – Intern Department of Integration (22.06.2015-22.07.2015 , Istanbul–Yıldız Technical Uni. Teknopark)

Tekfen Construction and Installation  A.S – IT Department Intern (01.08.2014-30.08.2014–,Istanbul – Levent)


Certified Ethical Hacker (Master) – ECC6594721308

Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) – ECC0496752813

Foundations of Purple Teaming

CEH ( Certified Ethical Hacker ) v10 Certificate – ECC6940358712

Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP) Certificate – OS-BWA-40017

Intro to DFIR: The Divide and Conquer Process – 2cadairzfl

NSE 1 Network Security Associate – GhKhflT9v2

NSE 2 Network Security Associate -kFylh5nlir

Autopsy Basics and Hands On Certificate – pamemrbbus

ICSI | CNSS Certified Network Security Specialist – 18437931

API Security Architect

CyberArk Certified Trustee

Cybersecurity Essentials

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Technical Trainings

Cyber Security Law – CyberCamp TT – 2020

DoS / DDOS Attacks and Protection Methods – CyberCamp TT – 2020

Forensic Informatics and Incident Response – CyberCamp TT – 2020

IoT Security – CyberCamp TT – 2020

Penetration Testing with Kali Linux Training (OSCP) – Offensive Security – 2020

WiFu Training (OSWP) – Offensive Security – 2020

BlackHat USA 2019 – Las Vegas ( 4 Days )

Mobil Application Pentest Training – Turk Telecom Academy – 2019 ( 5 Days )

CEH ( Certified Ethical Hacker ) v10 Online Training – EC-Council – 2019

Wifi and System Pentest TrainingSecrove – 2019 (3 Days)

Malware Analysis TrainingBarikat Information Security – 2019 ( 5 Days )

Python Training – Udemy – 2019 ( 42 Hour )

Applied Network Security Training IDEUS –2018 (5 Days)

Linux / Unix Fundamentals Training TT  Academy – 2018 (5 Days)

PCI DSS Processes TrainingBiznet  – 2018 (2 Days)

White Hat Hacker TrainingBHM –  2017 (5 Days)

Thales HSM – Hardware Security ModuleTeknoA – 2017 (2 Days)

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Training Bilisim Education- 2016 (100 Hour)

JAVA & Android Software Expertise Training Bilge Adam – 2016 (300 Hour)

Microsoft Certified Systems Developer TrainingBilisim Education – 2015 (250 Hour)

Microsoft Certified Expertise in Web Software TrainingBilisim Education- 2014 (150 Hour)

Self-Improvement Trainings

Instructor Training TT Academy – 2020 (4 Days)

Personal Leadership TrainingTT Academy – 2019 (2 Days)

Conflict Management Training TT  Academy – 2018 (2 Days)

Emotional Intelligence EducationTT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Communication and Relationship Management TT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Presentation Skills Training TT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Innovation Training TT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Agile Project Management TT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Basic Project Management TT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Online Coaching TrainingTT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Professional Image Management Training TT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Self-Diagnosis TrainingTT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Positive Psychology Education TT  Academy – 2017 (2 Days)

Diction and Effective Speaking TrainingBaskent Iletisim Bilimleri Akademisi – 2015 (30 Hour)

YADEM Fire and Earthquake Training Seminar Aksigorta – 2010


The EC-Council Ethical Hacking Scholarship 2020

I was granted a scholarship by the ec-council company and I was entitled to take the CEH practical exam free of charge.


CyberMag Magazine April 2018 issue E-Commerce Security Article


CyberMag Magazine July 2019  issue Want to be be a penetration tester? Article


January 2021 issue “Wireless Network Security for Remote / Home Work” article


The vulnerabilities and exploits I have found in the most popular applications around the world can be found on the exploit-db page.

Talks About CEH Program


BlackHat USA’19

I had the chance to attend the black hat conference in Las Vegas in 2019. I had the chance to understand the new trends and threats by entering many sessions.


I joined on behalf of Turk Telecom Group as captain of TT.

ISG Certificate

I attended the occupational safety certification program at Tekfen construction company in Azerbaijan.organizasyon adı

Turk Telecom directory update project training and meetings

I gave small trainings about the project in the Turk Telecom field data collection project. How to create accurate data in training content. How to resolve errors in non-error entries. How to make appropriate data entry. I gave trainings to the new staff about the subjects.

I also contributed to the project by providing trainings in the ankara of the project and on the foot of Izmir.


Cyber Security School – TT Akademi

After collaborating with the turkish telecom academy, the general curriculum was determined by laying the foundations of the cyber security school.Proje adı

Turk Telekom Cyber Security Camp

We had Turkey’s first online cyber-security camp life. I worked as a mentor in the project and determined the training schedule and content by ensuring the necessary coordination. I also took part in the project as an instructor.

Turk Telekom Start

Within the scope of Turk Telekom Start recruitment project, I attended to the turk telecom start team by entering among 67 people among the more than 30.000 applications as the result of 8 interviews.Proje adı

Beykent University Graduation Project

I designed smart office systems based on android and ardiuno.
In the project, I carried out the process of turning on and off the lights, locking the door, measuring the room temperature by providing intelligent automation control in the office from mobile android phone.

Yıldız Technical University Graduation Project

I worked in the field of e-commerce security in the field of marketing as a graduation project for the MBA department of Yıldız Technical University.

Turk Telecom Start Innovation project

We have been selected from among 34.000 people in the start team, the 2nd among the 8 groups selected innovation project.

Ethics Presentation in Business and Financial Institutions

Impact Of Management Problems On Business Environment Case Analysis

Turk Telekom Site Data Collection Project

I worked as a team leader in the project by collecting the address, phone, location information and photos data of the workplaces.Proje adı

Bilge Adam Course Completion Project

Library Automation

IT Education Center E-Commerce Site Course Completion Project mvc course completion project