Researcher / Computer Engineer / Penetration Tester

Now, I have been working as a Security Test Specialist at Turk Telekom Group. My working area is sdlc, application security, penetration tests.. etc. on this position.

Besides I am actively attending on Bug Bounty & Responsible Disclosure programs. I have published some vulnerabilities for products of globally known companies like Oracle ,Samsung , LG , SOAP.ui ,Nokia, Comcast Telekom , T-Mobile , Ford , Pinterest , Dell , Toyota , Cisco , HSBC Bank , HP , Panasonic etc.. I have taken part of getting actions to fix those vulnerabilities. 

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 Yıldız Technical University Master of Business Administration – 2016-2017

Accounting management, Strategic marketing, Modern Business, Organizational behavior, Statistical Analysis Techniques for Operators ,Electronic Commerce and Internet Marketing,Business Law,Intellectual Capital Management,Financial Decision Making,Principles of Production Management.

I am a graduate with a diploma of 3.40


 Beykent University Computer Engineering – 2011-2016

I got English Success at Intermediate level by taking Preparatory Training for 1 year before departure. I am a graduate with a diploma of 2.60 from my undergraduate studies by taking courses that constitute the bases of computer science and software technologies such as Algorithms, operating systems, data structures and discrete mathematics.


 Anadolu University – Business Administration – 2011-2016


2005 : YADEM I participated in the fire and earthquake training seminar and got the participation certificate.

2013 : I got the job security training attendance document at the Saha Agency.

2012-2014 : As a model in BG Agency, I took part in the cast team.

2013- :In organization work; Events, Holiday tours, Cultural tours organized by University Coordinator.

2013 : I trained 150 hours of web software expertise.

2015 : I studied 250 hours of software and database expertise.

2015-2016 : I trained 300 hours of java, android software expertise.

2016 : I got 30 hours of diction and effective speaking.

2016 : I trained for 100 hours of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training.

2017 : Türk Telekom Start Inovason Project Presentations and Best Project Presentation

2017 : Türk Telekom, Avea, TTNET PCI Audits

2018-2019 : BEDAS Security Tests  web, network, mobile penetration tests are reported to the company

2018 : Yildiz Technical University Graduate (MBA) E-Commerce Security Completion Project2

2018 : STM CTF’18 I joined on behalf of Türk Telekom Group as captain of TT.

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